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To start my own website at first I decided to study all that was required to build it, host it and maintain it. But then I realized that the cost of that would be much higher than if I just select an external web hosting service. That’s where I researched a few of them, and also since a friend, a past user, suggested me to go with the site for hosting my website. So I chose BlueHost. That was like around 6 months ago.
BlueHost is a web hosting company owned by Endurance International group (EIG). Matt Heaton was inspired to start BlueHost in 1996. after creating two other web hosts and using them for some time, he finally settled for BlueHost in 2003. he was the CEO from 1996 to 2011. in 2010 EIG acquired BlueHost and since 2011, Dan handy is the CEO now.
I am an Indian user, so fellow Indians don’t get confused about one thing, is the parent URL, whereas is India specific subsidiary. I have chosen as my web host, as I be mostly in the USA. Here is my Honest review of this web host after a full 6 months of my experience with it. Basically divided into the Plus and Minus points.
You can read my Bluehost India review here. So lets into our review.


It gives a low introductory pricing.
BlueHost offers 5 types of services, shared, VPS, WordPress, Dedicated hosting and cloud sites. The plans are of 3 types, basic, $3.49/mo, plus, $5.95/mo, and pro, $13.95/mo. And for most users, even the basic plan is sufficient, which I use, it includes one website, 100GB of space, unmetered bandwidth, 5 parked domains, 25 sub domains, plus 100 email accounts with 500MB of storage for each. That sounds really good right. And still if you are not satisfied, there is the 30 day money back guarantee too. And for those who feel the prices to be on the higher side, there are always the options of using Discount Coupons. review

Good Security options-
BlueHost has a robust security. They offer 3 levels of Anti-spam protection in SpamAssassins, SpamExperts, SpamHammer. Plus your inbox too gets protected. All the directories are password protected. You can create IP address blacklists, manage digital certificates and private keys. Another top notch feature is the secure shell (SSH), which allows us to conduct secure web sessions. They also offers single click integration with CloudFare which helps prevent the dreaded DDoS attacks that can bring a whole site down. They give SiteLock protection too.
Many Integrations and Apps.
BlueHost use cPanel which is feature packed with CloudFare, Page Speed Grader, Google apps, and many others. The cPanel UI is very easy to use. You can take care of everything in one central location and can customize it according to your needs.

Recommended by
The WordPress people recently released these 3 web hosts on their site as recommended. Which included BlueHost. Apart from SiteGround and DreamHost. No wonder BlueHost gives WordPress based customized plans too, with the 4 Linux based packages, and the WordPress CMS comes preinstalled. There is also a Dedicated support team of WordPress experts for you.

E-Commerce features.
These are the features mainly because of which I came here. BlueHost makes it so easy to setup an online host, offering many different shopping carts, Zen, Cube, Agora, and OS commerce. Apps to accept payments, offered are ShopSite (for shopping cart software), magento and TransFirst payment they give an SSL certificate for your transactions, generated for free, open PGP/GPG encryption. With the more popular MySQL they also support PostgreSQL.

Customer Service.
This is one big plus point of BlueHost I have experienced in all the past 6 months. They offer 24×7 support via a knowledge-base, a ticket based system, online web chat and Telephone. Every time I had any issues and doubts, they cleared all within minutes. Not many web hosts can boast of this. The people are also very much knowledgeable.

Extra Add-ons.
Multiple user-access control mechanism to assign multiples users and restrict their access to specific sections of the same hosting account. Account Isolation technology. Highly configured servers. Regular hardware upgrades. Replacement parts always ready for quick replacement in case of failed hardware. Automatic daily backups for all your stored files and website data. So many databases are available, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and much more. Hundreds of free website scripts are available, including blog support, mailing lists, message forums, social networking scripts, Drupal, Joomla, Tikiwiki.


Below Average Uptime.
I don’t know whether this issue has only been for the last 6 months, since I started using it.But when I tested, I got the average up-time of only 99.93% which is lower than most other web hosts. Even the page loading times are lower than the other web hosts. It was almost twice! Very disappointing that was to me.
The migration from the other web hosts are not free. They charge a whopping $149 for that. That too they will not transfer more than 5 sites and 20 email accounts.
Even though there are so many useful add-ons available, to get the full functionality, you need to install them manually.

One thing I totally hate about BlueHost is that their Customer Support just loves to try to up sell you always, even when I said no, they still keep pestering with that. Since I am on a tight budget.Hope they improve in this area.

The WordPress plans are a bit expensive as compared to the other web hosts.
Okay so after all the Pros and Cons considered, I say that this web host is a decent one, I will not completely recommend it, nor I will denounce it. But then the final decision is always yours. I may stay a few months at least, or migrate later, lets see. Hopefully this review was at least somewhat useful to you all.

  • Pricing
  • Uptime
  • Reliablity
  • Speed
  • Customer support

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