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Honest review – Bluehost India review

Bluehost India review
Does bluehost India stack up to the ever claimed Bluehost(dot)com is the most asked question, according to me. Well they have improved a lot when it comes to Indian servers, i would say. Any person who is from India and wants to get their blog hosted at Indian servers to get amazing fast output to their indian audience should opt for Bluehost India according to me.

I have personally been using Bluehost india for a small period of time for writing this review, and my condition was not so bad nor very good, i would say. During my testing period of 1 month. (Yes it took me 1 month to test).

Let’s break down the points and see what did i derive from this 1 month test.

1)Pricing : I would say, I was least bothered about pricing not because i am some filthy rich guy or someone who has a lot to spend of his father’s money. I was least bothered for the sole reason because I believe in this notion that when you get proper service never care about the pricing.
They had so much plans with them that i was fully confused of whether to go with Indian servers or not and also whether to go with WordPress optimized hosting or just the shared one was really confusing.

The main factor, if you see the image is , they dont limit the resources whatever you do, they play the age old trick of limiting the domain name usage, which has been a important aspect for me, as i hold myself 40 domains and if i have to host each domain, i am cornered to either reseller hosting or VPS, even if the usage of this 40 domains will be zero to nothing burger.


The wordpress hosting plans which has been introduced lately has been getting traction because of their claim of optimized hosting for the most famous platform in the world which is “Wordpress”. Most people either want to get a blog or want a store for themselves which can be easily built on wordpress. So this plan is for those who either have a blog already and are finding hard to manage their wordpress site with a shared hosting.


2)Uptime/Downtime : During my hosting period of 1 month, i experienced no downtime at all which was very surprising as many online reviews said, they are very bad and that lead me to the conclusion that bluehost india might suck but they didn’t. I had 99.9% uptime which was very awesome. People who say Bluehost india is bad, i would suggest them to use them once and then give their feedback instead of following the herd mentality of saying something bad because some experts said it bad.

3)Customer Service : This is what i would say will differentiate a smaller company and a huge company in the service department, You can always find a customer care agent, always ready to help you when there is problem which is really nice. I knowingly disturbed them many times and they were calm each time and helped each time. I talked to them once at 2.00 am in the morning and still the customer care agent was very happy to help me which was quite interesting in my point of view. But there was also problem some time, after the above incident happened, i was not able to find many agents at night time, despite of 24*7 customer care claims, which was rather interesting as i used to circle among the 1-2 agents always or sometimes no agents at all.

2)Customer service.

1)Domain limitation
2)Customer support at night is almost not present.

Final verdict :
I would suggest you all to try it once before making a claim that bluehost india sucks, it might be different when they started it and what they are now. It was a pleasant ride for me with them. Are you using bluehost india now? If yes comment down below, how’s your experience with them and if no, Why not let us know that in the comments below.

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Bluehost india review
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  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Speed
  • Reliablity

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