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Honest review – Godaddy hosting review

Godaddy review
The GoDaddy inc is an American Internet Domain registrar and web hosting company. They serve around 13 million customers and have about 5000 employee strength. This company is specially known for its quirky, edgy advertising. It was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons. And now Blake Irving is the CEO. When I decided to start my own website, I choose GoDaddy basically because it is one of the world’s most experienced web host, hence I thought it would be the best in every respect. Well, that’s almost true.

The website is country specific, and offers languages, currencies of most of the countries. I was pleasantly surprised to see being offered in 4 languages, including my Marathi. Now it has been 8 months since I started my website with GoDaddy, here is my clear and honest review about the web host, based on my experience.

GoDaddy has several different plans for the different types of services. They have 4 WordPress plans, from $5.99/m to $20.99/m. even the Linux and the Windows based plans are 4, namely, the starter at 99rs/m, economy at 199rs/m, Deluxe 309rs/m, Ultimate at 549rs/m. their basic shared hosting plans start from rs99/m and that’s what I bought, as it is real cheap. The VPS plans starting from rs1,199/m. the advanced plans of cloud servers from rs335/m, and that of the dedicated server, from rs4,719/m. as compared to the other web hosts, these plans are quite cheap.
You can view there plans in detail here.

Some of the Pros, plus points of GoDaddy I found are as follows..

They give an excellent performance on their guarantee of an up time of 99.99%. I hardly faced the outage of my site with them. Really hats off there.I will speak in glowing terms about their customer service, they offer 24×7 support on phone, and the chat feature is from 10am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday. But their people are really very eager to help you at the earliest. On the rare occasions I had issues, it was cleared so quickly. I also called them up on a couple of occasions just to test them, and both the times, they satisfied me thoroughly.

GoDaddy offers a more competitive 45-day money back guarantee. Apart from DreamHost’s 97 days, no other web host offers that duration. Actually this was a big reason I decided to go with GoDaddy in the first place. But then instead of opting back, I decided to stay.They offer you unlimited traffic bandwidth, this is really very important because you never know when you will get a sudden huge load of customer traffic on your website. In response to that, those who don’t offer unlimited bandwidth, do throttling, I.e crash your site. So this is amazing.

GoDaddy offers a quality WordPress auto-install. They are really very good in this aspect. I frequently use WordPress, and I wanted that badly perfect.Even the security features of GoDaddy are very impressive. They recently acquired Sucuri and SiteLock. And besides sitelock, they offer app scanning, spam and malware monitoring. You can also buy an SSL certificate. They also give an effective DDoS protection. My site was never hacked by anyone, really.

The technologies on which GoDaddy operates, are very latest. That matters, because that helps in secure, quick, safe usage of your website. They have 4GH Linux hosting, PHP5 etc.Besides the above Plus points, they also have some Cons, and I really don’t like them, but still bearable for me..They use a custom made control panel, which is a bit confusing for me, but now got used to it, I prefer the more famous cPanel though.
They explicitly limit your email addresses, memory and databases, and that for the higher plans, so I hardly have been affected by that though. Even the included email ids, storage is less.

I had to pay to use a website builder, I thought it was free, since most other web hosts offer that. Felt sad about that.I have heard that if you want to leave GoDaddy, they will give you a backup of your files and databases, but for a fee of 150$. I thought , like seriously? what is that now.

Nevertheless, GoDaddy is solid, supported and cheap web hosting. The worldwide popularity of it, the very different advertising it has, makes sure that they get regular customers. Also the fact that different people has different requirements, so obviously they will experience different Pros and Cons of it. In the end it is your final decision. I will sort of recommend it to all. But will still say there are better web hosts than GoDaddy. Hopefully the review was useful.

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Godaddy review
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